Hospital Information Management Software(Allopathic Teaching Institutions)


A Hospital Management System (HMS) is a comprehensive software solution that is designed to help medical college to  manage their administrative, financial, and clinical operations more efficiently with reports as per NMC.

Problem Faced

Hospitals that do not use software or rely on manual processes to manage Their operations face several challenges. These challenges will lead to many Problems

  • Inefficient Processes
  • Limited Access to Data
  • Difficulty in collaborations
  • Compliance & Security Risks
  • Lack of scalability
  • Reports are not as per NMC Norms
  • Goals

    The main goals should be to provide a comprehensive solution that can help     healthcare organisations improve their operations, streamline workflows, and  ultimately provide better patient care, Enhancing Operational Efficiency, Increasing Revenue and Profitability,Ensuring Regulatory Compliance and   Improve data analytics.


    Nexenstial has designed and developed web based Hospital Management  Software for teaching Allopathic hospitals. The software is architected to generated the reports as per National Medical Council The software provides different modules like Billing, OPD & IPD Management, ICD Codes Management , Insurance, Pharmacy Billing, Insurance, Ambulance & also provide customization as the Hospital required for the smooth flow of Operations.

    Tech Stack



    Java Script



    Current Status

    Hospital Management Software has been implemented in Two Teaching Hospital. These have helped the Institutions to efficiently run the  hospital by data analytics and complete digitalization of the hospital.

    The Institutions which have implemented the software have successfully gone through the NMC and have provided the data as required by the statutory board.

    The Hospitals are completely digital and has made the hospitals more operational.