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Investing your hard-earned money and placing your trust in a company can be a daunting task. At Nexenstial, we understand this and strive to guide you through the process so that you can make an informed decision. We want you to feel confident in choosing us, which is why we take the time to explain every step of our journey – from our humble beginnings to our comprehensive development process.

Our goal is to work with you to create exceptional products that exceed your expectations. By getting to know us better, you’ll discover our passion for innovation, our dedication to quality, and our commitment to exceptional customer service. We believe that building strong relationships with our clients is the key to mutual success, and we look forward to the opportunity to partner with you.

What is our Development Process

At Nexenstial, our development process consists of different stages that are designed to optimise development, software quality, and process reliability. We have pioneered a model for software development that is focused on improving these key areas. By utilising our factory model, our customers can reduce the software development process from months or years to just weeks, while still maintaining transparency and enabling effective planning and inter-team coordination.

Nexenstial Model of Software Development

At Nexenstial, we offer two models of software development based on our client's requirements.

  • The Fixed Cost Contract, which is suitable for projects with a clear scope and well-defined requirements. This model allows us to provide a fixed cost and time estimate for the project.
  • The Time and Material Contract, which is ideal for projects that require flexibility and may evolve over time. This model is billed monthly based on the effort from various team members at a standard rate.
  • Payment Milestone

    Nexenstial has created highly adaptable payment options to guarantee your comfort and security while we deliver the quality that meets your expectations with each release. We discuss payment details with the vendor to ensure the greatest flexibility possible, enabling you to pay as you go with confidence. It's important to note that at this time, we don't accept revenue sharing or equity-based payments, as our understanding of industry insights may be limited. Rest assured that you will receive exceptional value and a top-tier product that justifies the cost.

    Smart Team

    We’ll seamlessly integrate our team of software experts, that allow you to rapidly scale your development capabilities and deliver your project.

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