Hospital Information Management Software(Ayurveda Teaching Institutions)


The Hospital Information Management Software is web based platform designed as per the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine with complete department and treatments as per the Indian System of Medicine.

Problem Faced

The Ayurveda Medical Teaching Institution has faced a lot of issues in collecting the data and generating the reports as per the National Commission for Indian System Of Medicine and has also led to many other issues.Inefficient administrative processes

  • Limited access to information
  • Compliance & Security Risks
  • Lack of scalability 
  • Reports as per NCISM
  • Goals

    The main  goal is to improve patient care, streamline operations, and reduce costs while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining patient data privacy and security along with Patient care and safety,Efficient operations,Cost savings,Regulatory compliance,Improved patient & Better data management and analysis experience

    Tech Stack



    Java Script




    Nexenstial has designed web based software which caters to all the stakeholders of the hospital it has modules like OPD Management, IPD Management and all the terminologies are as per the Ayurveda with all the departments are integrated in the software. The mandatory data collected suffixes the compliance  reports as per National Commission for Indian System Of Medicine.

    Current Status

    The software has been installed at 13 institutions of ayurveda colleges in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh and have successfully undergone the inspections as per the National Commission for Indian Medicine and have also made the hospital more operationally efficient and digital.