Skill Master (Employee Skilling Portal for Manufacturing Companies)


Skill Master helps the manufacturing organisations with skill matrix which measures the employee skill level with on time training & immediate results with employee skill dashboard and employee performance measurement

Problem Faced

The Manufacturing companies face several challenges related to skilling, training, and performance of employees. These challenges include a lack of skilled workers, rapidly changing technology, limited training opportunities, time constraints, difficulties in performance tracking, retention of skilled employees, and employee motivation and engagement. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that involves providing regular training and development opportunities and creating a positive and engaging work environment.


The goals of software companies when designing a software for manufacturing companies with regard to skilling of employees, training of employees, and performance of employees can be broken down into several key objectives. These objectives are aimed at developing a software solution that addresses the specific needs of manufacturing companies in these areas, and ultimately leads to improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability. While designing a software are aimed at developing a solution that integrates with HR systems, offers customised training programs, provides analytics and reporting tools, is user-friendly and interactive, tracks employee performance, provides performance feedback, and offers incentives and recognition programs. Achieving these goals will result in the specific needs of manufacturing companies and promote a culture of continuous improvement and development.


Nexenstial has designed a software for manufacturing companies with respect to skilling, training and performance of employees in a comprehensive and customizable solution that includes competency management, personalised learning,competency management,assessment and feedback tools, an LMS, interactive learning experiences, performance management, performance feedback, and incentives and recognition programs. The solution is designed to help manufacturing companies overcome the challenges related to skilling, training, and performance, and achieve their goals of improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Tech Stack



Java Script



Current Status

The software has been designed for manufacturing companies like Dana Anand Group(Hubli & Pantnagar)  , Gabriel & Aequs(Belagavi, Hubli & Koppal) plants and has successfully implemented and has got benefits from the same. The challenges faced like training of employees at different scales along with the performance tracking, conducting exams and analysing reports and tools have made the companies achieve employee performance and productivity at the company.