Campus Management Software(Ayurveda Teaching Institutions)


Campus Management Software (CMS) is an integrated system that is designed to streamline the administrative tasks and processes of ayurveda colleges It enables institutions to manage student information, academic programs, faculty information, and financial data from a centralised platform. CMS for Ayurveda medical colleges offers specific functionalities tailored to their needs &  have unique requirements for managing their curriculum, training, and student internships.

Problem Faced

Ayurveda Medical Colleges have faced several problems including inefficiencies in administrative tasks,lack of centralised information, inefficient resource allocation, limited collaboration and communication, inefficient resource allocation, and poor student experience. This can lead to operational efficiency of the Institutions and this may lead to lack of admissions in the institutions.


By Implementing Campus Management Software at many ayurveda Institutions. Following are the Goals achieved after colleges implementing Campus Management Software.

  • Online Admissions
  • Streamlined Administration.
  • Improved Student Experience.
  • Effective Communication
  • Accurate Data Management
  • Efficient Resource Allocation
  • Enhanced Analytics and Reporting
  • Enhancing the student experience
Tech Stack



Java Script




Nexenstial has developed an all-in-one platform for Ayurveda colleges that encompasses various functions, including Admission Process Management, Student Management, Course Management, Faculty Management, Finance Management, Exam Management, Library Management, Human Resource, and more. The platform is highly customizable to cater to the unique requirements of the National Council of Indian System of Medicine (NCISM), with features such as integration with existing systems, secure and centralised data management, and a user-friendly interface. The platform aims to enhance communication and collaboration between departments, increase efficiency in areas such as student enrollment and financial management, and provide real-time access to critical data.

Current Status

In 2020, a Campus Management Software was launched for Ayurveda Institutes, with a phased approach to ensure a seamless transition and minimise disruption to daily operations. Since its implementation, the software has provided significant benefits to 14 institutions, including improved data accuracy and visibility, increased efficiency in critical areas such as student enrollment and financial management, streamlined processes with reduced manual effort, enhanced collaboration and communication between departments, and real-time data insights to facilitate informed decision-making.

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